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Vesuvius Media with new Kickstarter -Upgrade your Game!

Halifax (Canada) – Upgrade your gaming experience with beautifully crafted components, tokens, and coins found in Vesuvius Media’s latest Kickstarter, Up your Game! Up your Game already raised over 20K USD, surpassing its goal by 279% and unlocking numerous stretch goals, with 11 days to go.

We are a team of gamers who love to fully immerse in play,” said Konstantinos Manos, CEO of Vesuvius Media. “This campaign aims to do just that, by adding awesome components to your favorite games!”

After the fulfilment of its successful Kickstarter Nocturion, Vesuvius Media received an abundance of positive feedback from backers about the deluxe components and decided to bring them back to the table with Up your Game.

According to Purge Review posted on Board Game Geek,„Now the [Nocturion] Kickstarter upgraded components are out of this world. The upgraded resources are worth the price of admission… those upgraded components need to be viewed. Excellent!“

The Nocturion deluxe components include swords, bows, gold bars, crystal balls, wood, stone, a chalice, a hammer, a crown, and metal coins. By unlocking stretch goals, backers now have access to wheat, hearts, clay, metal bars, meat, barrels, and hourglass components.

“We sold out of the Nocturion metal coins and deluxe components almost immediately, so we’re happy to be able to offer them again through this campaign,” said Manos. “Even better, we’re hoping to unlock even more cool components, like crates and yarn, so you can upgrade the components of a wide variety of games.”

Vesuvius Media offers verified retailers 50 percent off the prices listed on the Up your Game campaign page. All backers will have the opportunity to adjust their pledge and add more components after the campaign in the pledge manager.

Up your Game is Vesuvius Media’s 10th Kickstarter project.


new Kickstarter by Vesuvius Media


MonstroCity smashes onto tabletops
Fight the evil genius, Dr. Spotnik, with your monster squad in this epic city destroying game

Halifax, NS – Boardgame publisher Vesuvius Media is teaming up with mobile game studio Alpha Dog Games to bring MonstroCity: Rampage!, the epic city destroying mobile strategy game, to tabletops this month. MonstroCity, the boardgame, launches on Kickstarter May 24.

Designed by Constantine Kevorque (Centauri Saga, Centauri Saga: Abandoned), MonstroCity is a cooperative, action, real-time, strategy boardgame where players control a squad of giant monsters in an attempt to smash Dr. Spotnik’s secret base and foil his plans to conquer the world. Each monster has unique abilities that support its own strategy for asymmetric game play.

When it was released, MonstroCity: Rampage! was featured in the Best New Game category in both the App Store and Google Play. The mobile game is action-packed, with amazing graphics,” said Konstantinos Manos (a.k.a Constantine Kevorque), C.E.O. of Vesuvius Media. “It’s been a blast working with the Alpha Dog team and transforming their game from the screen to the table. The giant monsters make impressive miniatures!”

MonstroCity is played in a series of 5 rounds that last 2 minutes each. During the round, each player rolls 4 dice simultaneously and resolves them as fast as possible, activating their monsters‘ abilities.

The boardgame keeps true to the mobile game in that it is definitely action-packed,” said Manos. “You keep moving your squad through the city, destroying buildings and defending against Dr. Spotnik’s tanks, helicopters, and more. Depending on how well you perform, and whether you manage to reach certain milestones, you gather Victory Stars. You need all three Victory Stars for a complete and total victory!”

MonstroCity supports various modes of game play, including turn-based, where it becomes a more challenging puzzle-style game, and competition mode, where players divide into teams and compete against each other. The game plays in 20 to 30 minutes, with 1 to 4 players.

The MonstroCity Kickstarter campaign starts May 24 and will run for 3 weeks.

Other popular boardgame titles published by Vesuvius Media include Nocturion, Dwar7s Winter, Dwar7s Fall, and Centauri Saga.

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