Fired up is back on Kickstarter

Fired Up has relaunched on Kickstarter!

The most amazing fight is about to take place and you are here to witness it!

Fired Up is back on Kickstarter, with a better offer in the table to provide you a game with a unique feeling.

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What is Fired Up

Fired Up is an arena game in which the players are the audience and not the fighters.

Players use their influence dice to cheer or jeer the fighters, encouraging them to run faster, fight better or even make them change their targets all so that they can score some amazing Highlights. The winner is the fan that leaves the stadium the most Fired Up!

What’s New

We’re back with Better Prices, New Expansions and much more components!

  • New exclusive Special Edition box for the Kickstarter backers only.
  • The Agility expansion included for free, totalling 8 arena fighters to choose from.
  • A deluxe game tray by Game Trayz included in all pledges
  • The new Monster expansion including the Cthuloid and 3 more Fighters that we will design with your input

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This time, we have gone out of our way to make a new offer, tailored for our Kickstarter backers, offering something unique in a modified Kickstarter box at a great price.

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Drawlab release Alice in Wordland at the Fair in Essen

The Queen of Hearts, ruler of Wonderland, has invited you to a tea party at the palace gardens.Unfortunately, the Queen tends to make up strange laws. Today, for example, she has outlawed certain letters of the alphabet! Anyone who says a word that contains them will be sent home. Will you be the last guest standing?

Curiouser and curiouser!

Alice in Wordland is a word party game, in which players have to find a word relevant to a topic. It sounds easy but players also have to be aware not to use any of the Forbidden Letters and say the word before the music goes out!

Say a word according to the rules before the time runs out

At the beginning of the game, each player becomes one of the Alice in Wonderland characters, taking the Character card and having their abilities for the round.
The Queen of Heart chooses the discussion topic and starts the timer. Each player has to say a word or a phrase relevant to the Discussion Topic without using any of the Forbidden Letters. If a player fails to do so during their turn, they are out of the round and get the first available scoring card. At the end of the round each player gets points according to how long they lasted in the round, aka how many cups of tea they managed to drink in the party.

Every round players pass their character to the player on their left until everyone has played with all the characters.


Fired up – new Kickstarter from Drawlab Entertainment

Fired Up

The arena game where players are the audience just funded on Kickstarter.

Fired Up is a miniatures arena game in which the players are not the fighters, but the audience! Witness the most amazing fight from the best seat, and try to leave the most excited.

Players influence the fighters with custom dice in order to make them perform the highlights they want to see. Players gain points either as performing their secret objectives and guessing successfully what’s going to happen next in this cyberpunk board game.

The game features amazing artwork by The Mico, 6 miniatures representing the fighters, 40 custom dice and a big pentagonal arena board among various other components

Drawlab Kickstarter campaign with Metal Coins


Legendary Metal Coins Season 4 live on Kickstarter

We are proud to announce that we are back on Kickstarter with our popular metal coins collection for board games and RPGs.

This time we are offering 7 new sets including:

  • RPG Spell Tokens: the First Ever Metal Coins with enamel on them, giving them a magical flair that you have never seen before
  • 1 New Unit Set, with denominations from 1 to 100 in fantasy designs
  • 5 new thematic sets

Players can use our coins either as currency or as any tokens in their favorite games, choosing the one of our thematic sets that’s relevant for their games.

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