Titan from Holy Grail Games is coming on Kickstarter in September

Titan, a unique network-building and resource management Eurogame with aspectacular 3D board, launches on Kickstarter on Tuesday September 17th!

In this expert Eurogame created by first-time French designer Matthieu Podevin and illustrated by Loïc Muzy, players take on the role of employees of the Stardrill Corporation, sent to strip Titan of its resources.

To do so, they will deploy mining rigs into the layers of the moon’s gigantic crater, represented by the 3D board. These rigs are then linked together with pipes to create an extraction network. Each time a new rig is added to a network, a resource is extracted into the player’s cargo hold! Some resources can be used to gain points during the game while others only score at the end.

As each player’s hold space is finite, meticulous timing and space management are the key to success.

With a wealth of different strategies to explore and lots of player interaction, Titan is a challenging game for 1-5 players. You can find out more about the game and how it is played on the Holy Grail Games website.

Holy Grail Games’ 6th Kickstarter is due to be our most ambitious yet! Titan’s spectacular 3D board adds an interesting spatial element to an already fascinating puzzle. The game’s design concept is also very advanced : as well as a fully-realized 3D-printed prototype, the board concept has been tested and validated by our production partners.

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