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MonstroCity smashes onto tabletops
Fight the evil genius, Dr. Spotnik, with your monster squad in this epic city destroying game

Halifax, NS – Boardgame publisher Vesuvius Media is teaming up with mobile game studio Alpha Dog Games to bring MonstroCity: Rampage!, the epic city destroying mobile strategy game, to tabletops this month. MonstroCity, the boardgame, launches on Kickstarter May 24.

Designed by Constantine Kevorque (Centauri Saga, Centauri Saga: Abandoned), MonstroCity is a cooperative, action, real-time, strategy boardgame where players control a squad of giant monsters in an attempt to smash Dr. Spotnik’s secret base and foil his plans to conquer the world. Each monster has unique abilities that support its own strategy for asymmetric game play.

When it was released, MonstroCity: Rampage! was featured in the Best New Game category in both the App Store and Google Play. The mobile game is action-packed, with amazing graphics,” said Konstantinos Manos (a.k.a Constantine Kevorque), C.E.O. of Vesuvius Media. “It’s been a blast working with the Alpha Dog team and transforming their game from the screen to the table. The giant monsters make impressive miniatures!”

MonstroCity is played in a series of 5 rounds that last 2 minutes each. During the round, each player rolls 4 dice simultaneously and resolves them as fast as possible, activating their monsters‘ abilities.

The boardgame keeps true to the mobile game in that it is definitely action-packed,” said Manos. “You keep moving your squad through the city, destroying buildings and defending against Dr. Spotnik’s tanks, helicopters, and more. Depending on how well you perform, and whether you manage to reach certain milestones, you gather Victory Stars. You need all three Victory Stars for a complete and total victory!”

MonstroCity supports various modes of game play, including turn-based, where it becomes a more challenging puzzle-style game, and competition mode, where players divide into teams and compete against each other. The game plays in 20 to 30 minutes, with 1 to 4 players.

The MonstroCity Kickstarter campaign starts May 24 and will run for 3 weeks.

Other popular boardgame titles published by Vesuvius Media include Nocturion, Dwar7s Winter, Dwar7s Fall, and Centauri Saga.

Die Hard – Tabletop Game

USAOPOLY bringt Tabletop zu Die Hard raus


CARLSBAD, Calif. – March 19, 2019 – USAopoly® (The OP), a leading board game and puzzle publisher, and FOX Consumer Products today announced plans to release Die Hard: The Nakatomi Heist Board Game this spring. This is the first time the suspenseful action classic, which made its theatrical debut in 1988, has been officially licensed for a board game.

“Die Hard’s influence over the action-thriller genre is staggering, so we were beyond excited for the opportunity to harness the movie’s expert blend of action, intelligence and drama into a unique tabletop experience,” said Pat Marino, Lead Game Designer, USAopoly. “We are developing a game that will deeply resonate with Die Hard enthusiasts, incorporating even the slightest details to create a rich and entertaining experience that properly pays tribute to arguably the greatest action movie of all time.”

Die Hard: The Nakatomi Heist Board Game will leverage one-versus-many, asymmetric gameplay to pit protagonist John McClane against others acting as thieves, cooperating to foil the hero’s plan, which is to save the hostages in the iconic Nakatomi Plaza high-rise. Movie buffs and hobby game enthusiasts will appreciate the forthcoming release’s distinct homage to the 1988 film, which packs rules and gameplay to the air vents with callbacks to Die Hard’s most memorable scenes, characters, and events.

Federico San Martin, Vice President of Global Toys and Hardlines, 20th Century Fox Consumer Products added: “The Die Hard board game from USAopoly provides an engaging touch point for fans seeking a nostalgic trip back to Nakatomi Tower and, three decades after the film’s release, allows a new generation of fans to play a unique game experience showcasing this incredible property.”

The OP, the award-winning publisher behind hit party games Telestrations® and Blank Slate™, as well as popular hobby games Thanos Rising: Avengers Infinity War and Harry Potter: Hogwarts Battle, has worked with FOX Consumer Products for 13 years. The company has created compelling board game experiences for a variety of their licenses, including Bob’s Burgers, The Simpsons, Family Guy, Futurama and Planet of the Apes.

Die Hard: The Nakatomi Heist Board Game will be available Spring 2019 in select retailers, encouraging friends to come out to the table, get together, have a few laughs. Debates over whether the title will be considered a Christmas game or an action game to play year-round are expected to surface among fans waiting to relive the pop-culture hit on the table top. More information will be shared in the coming months on

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