Valley of the Kings

Neue Kickstarter-Kampagne von AEG – Valley of the Kings 

AEG is excited to share that the recently announced Valley of the Kings Premium is coming to Kickstarter for a limited two-week campaign ahead of the retail launch. This campaign will kick off April 2, and run until April 16.

Valley of the Kings was one of the early games to really innovate on the deck-building concept, featuring the “Entomb” mechanic that made players determine when to give up cards they’ve collected in order to earn points at the end of the game. Valley of the Kings was also incredibly portable, featuring a small box and number of cards.

Now we are collecting all three of the Valley of the Kings releases in a single premium box, and upgrading the graphics as well. We’ve even included all-new Pharaoh cards to put you in character while you play, with cool unique abilities! And we’re including 350 tarot-sized AEG Premium Sleeves to protect your cards for the ages!

You can find rulebooks, graphics, and assets for Valley of the Kings Premium here:

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