Plunderbund by HutChu Games on Kickstarter

Plunderbund, the Back Alley Business game, is on Kickstarter Houston Texas, March 26, 2019

Kickstarter link: board-game

Plunderbund by HutChu Games is on Kickstarter. Woody Hutsell and Adam Chunn designed the game which models an emerging market for black market goods in a high fantasy prohibition era setting. Mark and Randy, from The Dice Tower, described it as “a strategic deck building game with interesting elements of demand fulfillment and area of control in a world where Al Capone would have been atroll.”

This is the first campaign for HutChu Games. “The idea for Plunderbund grew out of my experiencemarketing emerging technologies”, said Woody Hutsell. “Two and a half years of design and playtestinglater and we knew the game was ready for Kickstarter”.

Thematic and artistic direction for Plunderbund was led by Adam Chunn who said “as we explored art, the mix of a fantasy setting in a Prohibition era really took hold.”


David Debian, board game reviewer, said in a review posted on “It was the art, theme and deck building mechanism that pulled me in, but in the end it was the layered tech trees and area control that got me”.

Experience life in an emerging black market and Kickstart Plunderbund today:



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