Neuheitenvorschau von BLAM!

Look up, Blamosphere information incoming from the aircraft to wish you a happy new year!

Let’s be honest, the decisions taken between December 31st and January 1st are only there to be forgotten by the end of the month (or even at the end of the night)! Buying less games might be on your list but we’ll make you forget this terrible resolution, you can count on us!



March 21st 2019

“Keep cool, stay calm, breathe deeply…”

In Chakra, use your Inspiration tokens wisely so that the energies of your body can flow freely, thanks to calculated actions! Do not act without thinking, however… The alignment of one’s chakra can be a real challenge! Will you be the player that reaches the highest level of fulfilment?Created by Luka Krleza and illustrated by Claire Conan, Chakra offers smart game mechanics, with different possible combinations, careful positioning and movementsthat you will be able to discover at the preview and/or buy before its official launch during the Festival des Jeux in Cannes.

Also extremely entertaining with two players, the enlightened world of Chakra will be available on March 15st, ready to make you experience a deep strategic reflection!

8+ / 2-4 players / 30′


Q3 2019

The colors of another time

Explore the artistic movements of the 20th century in a place unlike any other!In Le Bateau Lavoir, the famous headquarters of artists in Montmartre, you will be an artist in search of fame. Ambroise Vollard is searching for new talents and will gladly buy your first paintings for her art gallery! But beware of your competitors: they will try and be the first to sell to the famous art dealer!

Between nostalgia and homage, the illustrations of Jeanne Landart revisit the artists’ talent of the “Belle époque” and provide a beautiful setting for this game where bluffing is key!

8+ / 2-5 players / 20′

September 2019

Dice’s prophecy

A long time ago, terrible wars broke out between tribes for the control of the Dunaïas, metal beings with great powers. Before their death, the elders of the fallen tribes wrote a prophecythat would withstand time to give birth to a new civilization… It will be your job to bring this new civilization to life!

When it is his turn, the player will choose one of the available dice and activate a Dunaïawhich can either help create a building, gather power or metal flowers, depending on where it is on the player’s board. The elders’ memories will guide the players toward precious artefacts in order to begin a new era of peace and so that the prophecy can come true!


Dunaïa is a management game with simple rules where the dice are central to original game mechanics. A rich universe that can be used to elaborate many different strategies!

12+ / 2-4 players / 60′

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