neuestes Spiel von BLAM! – Montmartre

The holidays are felt and with them, the sweet scents of nostalgia intoxicate the playful shelves! Explore the alleys of Montmartre and its famous Bateau-Lavoir and meet, from July 5, the greatest artists of the artistic movement of the early 20th century!

Montmartre is a majority game where players must, through Ambroise Vollard, a famous art dealer, sell their paintings to the most renowned collectors. However, it is not easy to make a fortune in the field as the competition is fierce because the other painters, their talent helping, will also do what is necessary in search of fame!

Florian Sirieix – Jeanne Landart
8+ / 2-5 players / 20′

With just two possible actions (painting or selling), Montmartre presents a simple and dynamic mechanics driven by an immersive theme!

An original double majority system (the most cards or the highest value) gives the game a high degree of interaction.

Accessible to the whole family, Montmartre is a subtle combination of tactics and anticipation that requires you to observe the evolution of your opponents so you don’t get cut off under your feet!


Player feedback

„As pushed in its strategic dimension, as in all its coating (visuals, types of actions…) Montmartre is more than a game, it’s a real artistic journey!“ GeekTest

„Great success! »

„Easy to handle, pretty, with interaction… To be urgently needed! »

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