Game of Phones by Breaking Games now on Kickstarter



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Game of Phones is a card game where all you need is your smartphone to take on creative and unexpected challenges. It’s the ultimate digital scavenger hunt!

The original version of Game of Phones launched right here on Kickstarter. Now we’re back with a totally redesigned version that’s bigger and better in every way.

Game of Phones can be played with anyone with a smartphone. Bring your little brother, granny, and coworker to the Game of Phones Party.

It’s family-friendly and ready for any occasion!

Game of Phones Game


Respond to challenge cards by finding things on your smartphone like messages, photos, cat memes, dog videos, or anything on the internet. Or by doing things like taking selfies, creating emoji masterpieces, sending texts, and decorating photos.

No need to download any new apps. Use whatever you have on your phone!

Each round, one person picks a card and becomes the Influencer for that round. The card will have one of four challenge types that people play in different ways.

The winner is whoever collects 5 cards first.

Excited yet? We are!!

Our goal is modest, and our game is simple, so we hope you like it enough to back it on Kickstarter and share it with your friends. Thank you in advance!

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