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Coral Islands: Two interactive dice-stacking games in one box!

Now live on Kickstarter!

Only $31/£25 with FREE shipping to the UK and subsidised shipping to USA, Europe and Canada

What’s great about Coral Islands?

1. Two dice-stacking games in one box

Two very different experiences with the same dice and a double-sided board. Play ‚Coral‘ on one side and ‚Islands‘ on the other.

2. Interactive and fun for everyone. 

Two great gateway games, easy to learn with loads of replayability.

3. Coral: Shape creation in a 3D space

Stack dice and create 3D shapes to score points, you’ll have to see things from a different perspective to win!

4. Islands: Card drafting and set collection done in a unique way

A highly competitive game of strategy, easy to play and hard to master.

Visit the Kickstarter page now!

Chocolate Factory


Straight after Coral Islands, we will be launching the long-anticipated Kickstarter campaign for Chocolate Factory!

With a conveyor belt system, this Euro-style game is sure to be unlike anything you’ve played before!

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